Indiana Artisan is craftsmanship. It is fine oils and fine wines, handmade soaps and hand-turned bowls. It is Lake Michigan artists and Ohio River Valley craftsmen. Indiana Artisan is the state’s best craftspeople – from specialty cheese makers to specialty jewelry makers and from the hands of careful beekeepers to the hands of caring weavers. Indiana’s heritage in painting, glass, musical instruments, stoneware, woodwork, candies, brandies and more is defined through Indiana Artisan.
This collaborative organization brings together Indiana’s talented Artisans’ one-of-a-kind art and food creations – in stores and on trails crisscrossing the state. Their select work enriches the lives of Hoosiers and visitors. Indiana Artisan works with participants, retailers and communities to showcase and sell high-quality, handcrafted products in stores and on trails across the state. Follow the River of Glass, sample Art & Earth, find works By Hoosier Hands and more along one of the seven Artisan Trails. As you travel, look for the Indiana Artisan logo on products and in the window of shops, galleries and studios.