Handcrafted & Homegrown, By Hoosier Hands is your guide to a tapestry of artisans in residence throughout the rolling hills and river towns of scenic Southeast Indiana. Consider it your Little Black Book of regional artists: who they are, what they create and where to find their work. Maps are included, but there are some things you should know before you get in the car...

 No Two Are Alike

(This applies to Trails as well as Artisans!) Exactly who are these artisans? Meet The Big Three: Artists, Craftsmen, and Specialty Food & Beverage Producers: those among us with creative vision, artistic talent and an entrepreneurial spirit. How different could they be? Trust us. If you’ve seen one, you really haven’t seen them all. You’re about to discover one-of-a-kind talent and artistry woven throughout this beautiful region.

They’re Everywhere - No Really

Where can you find these artisans? Their creative spaces are as varied as the work they create, and the four self-directed Artisan Trails included here visit small towns, farms, galleries, studios, special events, markets, wineries, and retail shops throughout a seven county area. (Hence the maps.)

Best Kept Secrets

Some very talented artisans also have non-artisan occupations. (Talk about multi-tasking!) There are many artists, craftsmen, and specialty food & beverage producers who are willing to see people by appointment but do not offer regular business hours. We have included their information within the book, and we encourage you to contact them to see their creative works and products.

More Good Stuff

These Artisan Trails are packed with fabulous finds for art-lovers, foodies and road-trippers. And don’t worry, we’ve included several historic sites, unique dining stops and quaint lodging options along the way! (Be sure to check the index if you’re looking for something specific, and you’ll find region-wide lodging options on page 119.) We’ve added a few extra symbols throughout the book to help you identify other arts-related adventures or designations.

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