Ties That Bind

The sculpture was designed and constructed by local artist Eric Phagan, and selected for placement in Lytle Park by the City of Madison as part of an initiative to recognize and support local artists. Here is a reflection on the work by the artist: “Ties That Bind is made of railroad spikes from the Madison railroad welded together. My idea behind the piece was to represent Madison in past, present and future. Madison was once a booming city with people coming in and out through the river front, but as water traffic slowed and the railway became the new form of transport, Madison began to slow too, becoming frozen in time. What was thought to be a downfall became what has saved Madison. Now with all of it’s rich history still intact, it has become a place for visitors to flock to and a place the community is proud of. To convey this, I used the unfinished form of a figure to illustrate how far our community has come since its beginnings and how we are building on those principles still today.”