Milan ’54 Museum

W-Sa 10am-4pm Su noon-4pm or by appointment Before Indiana adopted the high school class basketball tournament system, teams from all sizes of schools competed against each other for that one coveted title-- Indiana State Basketball Champions. In 1954 the reign of the large Indiana high schools ended when a team from Milan High School (with an enrollment of 161) defeated the Muncie Central team (with an enrollment of 1,662). A shot taken in the last moments brought the score to Milan 32-Muncie 30. Basketball enthusiasts from all over the United States cheered for the Milan Indians Basketball Team and sent messages of congratulations. Thousands of fans gathered in the small town of Milan to watch as a huge parade brought the team back to town. In 1986 the small town’s great accomplishment was made into the movie “Hoosiers” and the fan-base for the Milan Indian Team grew even more. Today people come from all over the United States and many countries of the world to see the 1954 museum and re-live the “David & Goliath” event at the Milan ‘54 Museum in downtown Milan.

201 W Carr St
Milan IN 47031

Phone: 812.654.2772