Burton’s Maplewood Farm

Open to the public only during National Maple Syrup Festival

(Available locally at Jackson County Visitor Center)

When Tim Burton and his family moved to Medora, Indiana in 1999, they had no intentions of starting a maple syrup business. An invitation from a friend to help a local family with their annual sap collection changed all that. As he watched the syrup being collected by hand, Tim was intrigued with the art and science of the maple syrup production process. The social aspect of the event truly inspired him, and he decided to pursue the business of making maple syrup. In partnership with his friends, David and Mary Abner, Burton’s Maplewood Farm was established. Never forgetting that it was the social aspect of sap collection that truly delighted him, Tim created an opportunity for others to experience the joy of that process. In 2008, he established and hosted the first annual National Maple Syrup Festival.