Brookville Lake

Brookville Lake is situated in the picturesque Whitewater River Valley. The valley and surrounding area are known for their contributions to Indiana. Traces of prehistoric mounds, known for their archaeological significance, can still be found in some parts of the valley. The first section of land that became part of the Indiana territory in 1795 was defined by the Greenville Treaty Line, which runs through the northwest section of Brookville Lake property. Brookville Lake was constructed in predominantly hilly agricultural surroundings. Most of the 12,000 acres of land surrounding the lake has returned to its natural state. A wide variety of flora and fauna exists throughout the property. Whitewater Memorial State Park and Mounds State Recreation Area sit on Brookville Lake and offer camping, cabins, swimming, boating, marinas, picnic areas, fishing, hunting and hiking in a beautiful natural setting.

14108 Old State Road 101
Brookville, IN 47012

Phone: 765.647.2657