Matt Hicks

“I incorporate the history and feel of Southern Indiana into my work. I want people to be drawn to this area like I am. I’ve lived in several different states, but this feels like home.” Matt fell in love with photography while a student at Indiana University in Bloomington. After one trip to the darkroom, he changed his major and graduated with a BSA in photography and sculpture. While he started with a 35 millimeter camera, Matt soon switched to the large-format camera because he enjoyed the control and patience required. Matt finds serenity in the darkroom where he develops and prints his own black-and-white photos. It is here that he manipulates the images, determining where to place the dark tones and the highlights. “It may be a relic to work without Photoshop, but I think developing film is a lost art,” Matt says. Matt’s work includes what he calls the “old type farmer feel,” although he is currently working on a series that focuses on spirituality and place. “I want my work to reflect the beauty of nature. A lot of us are missing the magic right outside the window. I’m trying to provide something that is an alternative to high tech.” Artisans work available locally: The Artisan Gallery Something Simple

By appointment

Phone: 812.599.1316