Clint Bear

Clint started building acoustic guitars in 2001 after almost 35 years of playing, repairing and tinkering with electric and acoustic instruments. Today, Clint constructs guitars of various woods, scale lengths and depths from six different body styles. He names each model after a town in Jefferson County where he lives. “When my guitars are played, I want the beauty of the music to attain its full potential.” Clint says the wood actually dictates what type of guitar it becomes. Clint tries to use as many Indiana native hardwoods as possible. He currently uses black walnut, hard maple and curly cherry. He also has several pieces of an ancient oak harvested from a sand pit in southwestern Indiana that has been estimated to be 2,000 years old. His goal is to get more of his guitars into the boutique guitar shops where his audience shops. “Many of the people buying my guitars are semi-professional,” says Clint. “They play in coffeehouses, bars at open mic nights. They know music and guitars.” He also is trying to gain national attention by attending guitar and music conventions where people can actually play his instruments. Clint says networking is important, which is why he applied to the Indiana Artisan program. Artisans work available locally Crawdaddy Music 130 E Main St Madison IN 47250 M, T, Th, F, 9am-6pm, Sa 9am-5pm W 9am-6pm Summer & Holidays 812.265.6087

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