Chaz Kaiser/Aesthetic Metal Studio

“Whether it be a countertop with repousse design or a fountain, it’s nice to have beautiful stuff you can use,” says Chaz Kaiser, a self-proclaimed tinkerer, always figuring out how to make things work. After nearly 20 years in the welding and metal fabricating business, he opened Aesthetic Metal Studio to pursue his creative passions full time. Chaz spends nearly every day in his 3000 square foot studio, creating abstract and organic fountains, sculpture and architectural elements out of bronze, copper, steel and stainless steel. Much of Chaz' work is inspired by the southwest, perhaps as a result of his service in the Navy as an electronics technician in Southern California. Chaz considers his functional art work as his best. He also has installed public art across southern Indiana and in Cincinnati, and works on commission. In addition to creating commissioned pieces and public art, Chaz gives back to his community as an Artist in Residence at Batesville Middle School and High School through the Rural Alliance for the Arts."My class allows the kids to work with their hands instead of play on the computer," Chaz says. "I tell them that art may not be their thing but it's not too early to start thinking about what they really like. You might as well make 16 hours a day fun."

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16 Indiana Ave
Batesville IN 47006

Phone: 812.934.4468